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Risk in work unit business planning (a how-to guide)

Risk in work unit business planning (fast track for risk experts)

Consequences as outcome differences (with risk appetite and tolerance), on LinkedIn.

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What is risk management?

Discrete risk management processes within an enterprise

The mission of this site is to illuminate the basics of audit and risk management. There are some original approaches to risk that are compared carefully with approaches that have authoritative support. There will be some audit topics Real Soon Now.

I worked in the Australian Government for some decades. As a result, the blog pays attention to the Australian perspective, and to public sector perspective. Ideally, those angles will be helpful in the worlds I know, and not get in your way if you’re from somewhere else.

Please comment freely within the articles. There is a reply box at the bottom of each page. You can also use the email contact facility. What I get in from you will help me get the right stuff back out to you next time. And some challenges to my views will be useful for all of us.

Roger Lines
Canberra, Australia

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