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Broken links were fixed 11 August 2017. Apologies for any frustration. I was mortified when I realised it was happening.

The mission of this blog is to illuminate the basics of audit and risk management. There are some original approaches to risk and audit that are compared carefully with approaches that have authoritative support.

The newest attraction is a tutorial on risk in annual business planning. It is for the managers of work units within larger organisations. I have also posted a compressed version for risk specialists who already know the vocabulary and concepts. There are two other topics explored in some depth, What is Risk Management? and Discrete risk management processes within an enterprise.

To find articles, look at the menu across the top of the page, and click the down-arrow for the stream that represents you, New to this or Seen it all. You will then get a cascading menu of topics and articles recommended for your stream.

There is also a series on LinkedIn that talks about consequences as outcome differences, linked to an interpretation of risk appetite and tolerance. The LinkedIn series includes a generalised version of the risk assessment process set out in the business planning tutorial. The examples in the LinkedIn series are for a whole enterprise, in government or non-profit. You will need to log into LinkedIn to see that series.

I worked in the Australian Government for some decades. As a result, the blog has an intentionally Australian perspective, and a public sector bias. Ideally those angles will be helpful to the Australian audience, and not get in the way of international and commercial readers.

Please comment freely within the posts, or use the email contact facility. What I get in from you will help me get the right stuff back out to you next time. And some thoughtful challenges to my views will be useful for all of us.

Roger Lines
Canberra, Australia

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