Prove and consolidate the outcome pictures

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Picture review Cell review Objective-level review Review of the whole picture collection

Parent article: Risk in work unit business planning: Capturing outcome pictures at each level

This stage is about proving that the outcome pictures are ready for the first risk assessment of your business plan.

You can make this stage fairly brief, with a view to undertaking further review and refinement later. Work not done in this stage can be caught up later, during the identification and analysis of individual risks.

Even if you decide to cut some corners now, it is essential that you prove your own understanding of outcomes as differences in the position reached at the end of the year.

If your set of outcome pictures is to be used by others, or to be seen by a substantial audience, it is definitely worth spending time on systematic review and editing before any of that happens. Beyond the steps in this article, there is a further article on formalised review of any similar set of outcome pictures, intended mainly for risk specialists. If your own pictures are to be used or seen by a wider audience, you might want to recruit a risk specialist for the consolidation and polishing work, even if they don’t go to the full-scale formal review.

It might also be useful to know that consolidation and refinement usually results in the collection of pictures becoming smaller and simpler. You will generally want your pictures to fit into a matrix that has all the pictures on one page. Your first drafts probably won’t fit on a page.

Running through this review stage for at least some objectives will provide the proof of readiness, or discover issues that really need to be fixed now.

The steps for testing basic useability follow here, as four optional drill-down articles.

  1. Review the separate construction of each picture.
  2. Review the separate construction each cell. A cell contains one or more pictures of a success/failure level on an objective.
  3. Review the spread of outcome pictures for each objective.
  4. Review the collection of outcome pictures as a whole.

The order of your own review and change activity isn’t too important, and may well loop around.

Drill-down articles:

Picture and Cell Review

Each picture must be fully defined. Each picture must describe the outcome, not something the on the way to the outcome. Each picture must describe the outcome, not an indicator of the outcome. A picture may refer to future prospects and the end of the planning period. Each picture must become true or false, regardless of point of view. Each picture should be instantly meaningful. Each picture is of the period outcome, not a specific incident during the period. Each picture must be at the right success or failure level. Cell review

Objective-level review of outcome pictures

Any outcome on the objective must match exactly one cell. Sometimes a picture is missing.

Review of the whole picture collection

Merging complementary objectives

Parent article: Risk in work unit business planning: Capturing outcome pictures at each level

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Prove and consolidate the outcome pictures

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