Clear Lines on Audit and Risk

For managers

For risk specialists

Risk in work unit business planning (a how-to guide)

Risk in work unit business planning (fast track for risk experts)

Centralised or de-centralised risk management in your enterprise?

Blog (community consultation on hard questions)

Consequences as outcome differences (with risk appetite and tolerance), on LinkedIn.

For project managers

Risk management in projects: the real reason. Posted for re-publication in PM Magazine June 2019.

For everyone

What is risk management?

There will be some audit topics Real Soon Now.

The Clear Lines take you through the basics of internal audit and risk management. The Clear Lines aim to be fresh and accurate. They do not repeat things you have heard over and over, yet believe less and less.

They line up with what standards actually say. Many standard lines have strayed far from that.

The Clear Lines have an origin in Australian Government work. The Clear Lines pay attention to the Australian perspective, and to the public-sector perspective. But the Clear Lines are definitely not about ‘how we do things here’. They are about achieving purpose.

The article pages serve as a reference library. There are streams for those new to the field, and for those who’ve seen it all.

Blog posts are for expert discussion of unsettled issues.

Please comment freely. There are many original Lines that should be challenged. All the Clear Lines meet formal standards before you see them, but I would love to hear that some of them are not Clear enough, or should be followed only with caution. Articles in Beta versions are specifically intended for experts to critique. There is a reply box at the bottom of each post and page. You can also use the email contact facility.

The Clear Lines on Audit and Risk are independent from advertisers and from formal organisations. The Lines have taken the Pro-Truth Pledge and commit to the ethical codes of the Institute of Internal Auditors and ISACA.

Roger Lines
Canberra, Australia

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